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From my personal experience on living, trail riding and exploring Baja starting on basic compass and Baja Expedition map on my car, to garmin 38, 45, garmin II, garmin III, garmin V and presently my trusty 276c and 60cs that i switch back and forth between bike and truck, you have all maps available for Mexico.

For the most accurate and most up to date Topographical of Mexico, nothing and i mean nothing beats E32 maps. I recently upgraded to the 2010 revision and the WOW factor is amazing.

Again only way you can tell is to do a comparison betwen all maps which I do own and on my bike I toggle between bicimapas and e32 when i am on in Tijuana, Tecate and Ensenada but when the pavement ends... E32 all the way. I have a place down in Valle de Guadalupe and recently 7 riders rode from my house to Rancho Melling at Sierra San Pedro Martir to watch this years Baja 1000. We did the traditional ride that most off roaders take between Ojos Negros to Mike’s and beyond and next day rode the coast doing the race course and being passed by many leftover participants that were way over due to the finish line and the accuracy of the maps is spot on. Hope this helps anybody that likes exploring baja.

Atte. Jose Trueba, CA, USA

E32 works well for me in the central highlands area. ot perfect, but I found it better for off road than bicimapas, I ride mainly in the COPPER CANYON area and in JALISCO and QUERETARO. If you are planing to buy a good TOPO map for Mexico look no further than E32

Atte. Bill Morris, AZ, USA.

I have allways liked enjoying fresh air and the mountains. The search for new leisure places has been a constant in my life. The arival of GPS technology to Mexico was very slow since the devices arrived but the maps in them didn’t include Mexico or just the old roads and one or two big cites. People in Monterrey and Mexico City started making maps for the country, however, the information ws only relevant for those areas of the country. The west of Mexico was not their priority and was allways left behind; it didn’t include trails, gaps and towns relevant to the area.

Years later, another person with a similar spirit, a lover of all-terrain vehicles and that enjoyed outings out in the country, got interested in developing quality maps that didn’t include only the west but all of Mexico with enough detail for nature lovers, road travelers and people driving or walking in cities or small towns to have a tool fit for taking advantage of GPS technology in our country. Without depending on Monterrey or Mexico City.

I found about someone from another 4x4 club that was developing these maps and contacted him. I visited him and saw the tools he had at his disposal and and his skill to develop them, with which I was convinced of his product, “E32” and since then, as well as the updates, I have been using his maps and have been able to enjoy safer out in the country accross all Mexico with “E32”

Atte. Diego Francos, Zapopan Jal.

I found the map E32 very accurate on my CC trip in November. Took the “bad” road from Aqua Prieta to Huachinera (bypassing Janos) and it was spot on. All the Roads and trails I needed were layed out on the map, so far i was impressed with the accuracy and all the point of interest that it has. This software is a must have for all of us hardcore off roaders that go to Mexico.

Atte. Paul Handley, OR, USA.

I have 2 maps loaded on my 60csx GPS, Map E32 2010 and Bicimaps and have had plenty of time to compare theme, The Map E32 has more off road detail which by most reports are pretty accurate. It has more trails than bicimapas. By the way, with E32, “Brecha” means dirt road, “Verada” means trail. E32 does not auto route and Bicimapas does, if that’s important to you.

I recommend E32 over the other. The support is very good and you can buy the map Online.

Atte. Josh Taylor, British Columbia, Canada.

In the world of qauds what one looks for is to go to or explore places that in a vehicle, even if it was a 4x4, your wouldn’t be able to get to; in short to do a route: the “Vallartazo”, Baja, real de 14, Copper Canyon, etc. And to be able to do that you need a GPS unit with maps and the E32 is a good foundation to trace routes or modify them, personaly it has helped me a lot, and of course, speaking of the open country, it’s expected that not all roads are where you believe they should be, but if we added not bringing a good map to this; we truly are toast. That’s why I thing that E32 is a very good map, with a lot of information for off-roading.

Atte. Ing. Jose Luis Perez Glz, San Francisco del Rincón GTO.

The use of Map E32 helped me in speeding up my ?????, searching for new paths in uninhabited zones in which you don’t count with anyone’s guidance, it gives you the advantage of visualizing various options when it comes to roads. An excelent feature it has is that when you download it from your computer, it serves as a road atlas, since you can look up addresses, it’s an all-in-one package, in the city, the country, in any place you allways know where you are and where you are going. In my experience it has allowed me to do new routes since the map gives you many options for roads that one might have never seen or didn’t know of their excistence, I broadly recommend it, with the only certanty that you will not be sorry.

Atte. Jorge Dragox, Guadalajara Jal.