The state of TAMAULIPAS includes cities with street and avenue name, which you can search through entering data such as: State, city, street or street crossing.

Included cities: Aldama, Altamira, Ciudad González, Ciudad Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Ciudad Mante, Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Ciudad Victoria, Gomez Farías, La Pesca, Matamoros, Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Nuevo Laredo, Nuevo Progreso, Reynosa, Rio Bravo, San Fernando, Soto La Marina, Tampico, Valle Hermoso

The map features are: - Highways - Roads - Dirt roads - Trails - Railroad tracks- Cities - Towns - Neighborhoods - Ranches - Airports - Contour lines every 30 mts - Hill names- Points of interes t- Rivers - Toll booths - Rural areas - State lines- Lakes and dams- Nature reserves- Gas stations- Hospitals - Schools - Bus stations - Shopping malls- Sports areas- Government offices- Markets - Etc.

* The state of TAMAULIPAS is included in MAP E32 along with the rest of the country.