BAJA 1000

You want a detailed and accurate map
for Baja?



If you live in the US or Canada we know how much you like to ride in Baja so we
paid special attention to this region and added around 30 routes for off roading.


Welcome to Baja! The Baja California peninsula has many great off-road spots, deserts, beaches and other popular places for off-road lovers but every year in November the Baja-1000 race takes the crown. The race pits contestants against Mexico’s scorching deserts and tough terrains, starting usually in Ensenada and ending in La Paz, being about 1000 miles in lenght.

The race also has several vehicle categories, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs and buggies. It has also attracted notable people such as Jesse James, Paul Newman and Travis Pastrana

If you are planning on participating in the Baja-1000, or other races such as the Baja-500 or San Felipe 250, Map E32 is your best option. It has the most complete dirt road, trail and road coverage of the Baja Peninsula and includes elevation contour lines every 30 meters for all of Mexico, so you can be prepared and plan your route during the races, or enjoy as an expectator following the route or following as a team backing up the racers.

When you are not at (or in) the race, Map E32 also includes thousands of waypoints, such as towns, ranches, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc., and trails and unpaved roads, so that you will have a great reference to look for places to eat, rest, or in case of an emergency.

Detailed maps of Baja California, including cities and points of interest such as Mike’s Sky Ranch.