Map E32 with you to


If you live in the US or Canada we know how much you like to ride in Copper Canyon
so we paid special attention to this region and added around 30 routes for off roading.


Copper Canyon (Barranca del cobre in spanish) is another great destination for all adventure travelers who are planning to visit Mexico. The Sierra provides a great variation of terrains to travel on, as well as some spectacular views. Thare are towns, ranches, and other places to visit in the Canyon area, and of course, they are all on Map E32

The weather in Copper Canyon is moderate during the spring and fall seasons, with summer being very hot and in some cases having droughts, so it is recommended that you are well-equiped and have plenty of water on you during your trip. During winter it’s common to see temperatures drop bellow 0 degrees Celcius.

If you enjoy sightseeing, adventure and nature, remember to bring Map E32 with you to Copper Canyon, so you can know where you are and allways stay informed on your route and destination.

Copper Canyon in detail in our maps, with popular stops like Batopilas, San Rafael and Urique.