The state of ZACATECAS includes cities with street and avenue name, which you can search through entering data such as: State, city, street or street crossing.

Included cities: Apozol, Plateros, Calera Victor Rosales, Río Grande, Concepcion del Oro, Sombrerete, Fresnillo, Tlaltenango, Jalpa, Valparaiso, Jerez, Villanueva, Loreto, Zacatecas, Nochistlan.

The map features are: - Highways - Roads - Dirt roads - Trails - Railroad tracks- Cities - Towns - Neighborhoods - Ranches - Airports - Contour lines every 30 mts - Hill names- Points of interes t- Rivers - Toll booths - Rural areas - State lines- Lakes and dams- Nature reserves- Gas stations- Hospitals - Schools - Bus stations - Shopping malls- Sports areas- Government offices- Markets - Etc.

* The state of ZACATECAS is included in MAP E32 along with the rest of the country.